21 Feb

The capital of hair transplants in India is Delhi, which is also the country's capital. The greatest hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Praful operates the most cutting-edge hair transplant facility.
The quantity of hair we place on the recipient location determines the cost of hair transplants in large part. The typical cost of a hair transplant in Delhi ranges from Rs. 15 to Rs. 60 per graft.
For approximately 2000 grafts, the price of a Hair Transplant in Delhi ranges from Rs.30,000 to Rs.1,20,000.
Hair Transplant cost in Delhi depends on the following factors;
1. The Transplanted Area
The quantity of grafts
The quantity of sessions
4. Training and Experience of Hair Transplant Surgeons
5. Hair transplantation type
6. Medical Equipment Cost
7. Labor Expense for Hair Transplant Team
The cost of different types of hair transplants are as follows;
Female Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi: The cost of a female hair transplant in Delhi is over Rs.30 per grafts
The price of a body hair transplant in Delhi is determined by the body part from which the grafts will be removed and the location of implantation.
The price of artificial or synthetic hair transplantation in Delhi depends on the length, quality, and color of the fiber used.
In Delhi, the cost of a facial hair transplant ranges from Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000.
Expense of an eyebrow hair transplant in Delhi: It ranges from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000.
Cost of Robotic Hair Transplant in Delhi: Due to its accuracy and precision, this kind of hair transplantation is the most expensive, costing between Rs.50 and Rs.100 each graft.
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